About the League

GHBL (Golden Horseshoe Bowling League) is a Hamilton and outlying area ten pin bowling league for the gay and lesbian community and friends of/to us. GHBL had its inaugural season in 2009 with 4 lanes and has grown considerably since then. We do play against each other each week but the league is primarily a social league to meet new people and have fun while bowling. No experience is necessary and you can join at any time during the season. Come roll with us!

GHBL Executive

The GHBL Executive Committee is made up of a very talented and committed group of volunteers. They oversee all major league decisions, recruit new members, plan special events/tournaments and keep the league running in tip-top shape.

Mike Kampen


A longtime league member, Mike has been promoted to our GHBL President. As our Grand Poobah, he is responsible for keeping the league in tip-top shape by serving as GHBL liaison to the community, overseeing the orientation and induction of new members, assisting in the interpretation o league rules and bylaws, and much more.

Steven Janic

Vice President

Steven has been with the league for many years and this is his first term on the GHBL executive. The Vice President is responsible for all duties of the President in the event of their absence, resignation or removal. Welcome aboard Steven!

Ed Skibinski


Ed is our money man and is responsible and accountable for all league finances. He collects all weekly bowling dues and pays our bowling fees to the Lanes Management. Just remember to pay your fee . . . or else (I hear he knows people!)

Mike Capacci

Statistician & IGBO Rep

Mike is responsible for maintaining all league statistics—he’s the lovely bear you hand your score sheets to every week. Unfortunately, he won’t “enhance” your score, no matter how much you beg or how many cupcakes you bake him. He is also our representative for IGBO.

Donna Edwards


Donna brings organization amongst chaos and order to the disorderly. She is responsible for taking minutes and helps keep us in line.

Ryan Ahrens

Social Media & Webmaster

Ryan has been bowling with the league for many years. He is our resident web geek and designed and built our website with his two bear hands! Yet he’s not an actual bear (animal or otherwise). He is responsible for maintaining our website and social media, as well as sending out our weekly newsletter; adding any witty quips and memes where necessary.

Chris De Wolfe

Social Co-ordinator

Chris is our social and event butterfly, he is responsible for coordinating social activities for the league, such as banquets and summer activities. He also keeps a really cool calendar of league events, important anniversaries and birth dates.

Shevon Northcott

H.I.N.T. Co-Chair

Shevon has been with the league almost since its inception. She even had role as our league president for a few years. Currently she is helping co-chair our H.I.N.T. Tournament.

Michael Silva

H.I.N.T. Co-Chair

Michael is new, fresh meat on the league. He brings his well organizational skills to the table to help co-chair our H.I.N.T. Tournament.

Where We Bowl

Join us Wednesday Evenings
6:45 pm – Warm up
7:00pm – Bowling begins

Splitsville Entertainment Centre
1525 Stone Church Rd East in Hamilton

We have 2 seasons per year:

FALL SEASON – Sept 7 – Dec 14, 2022
WINTER SEASON – Jan 10 – May 1, 2024

Costs (per night)

League Members:

Bowling: $23.00 (tax inc. – paid to GHBL)
Shoe Renal: $2.50 (+ tax – paid to Splitsville)

League Pacer or Drop-In:

Bowling: $25.00 (tax inc. – paid to GHBL)
Shoe Rental: $4.00 (+ tax – paid to Splitsville)


If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us.