Promotions for League Bowlers & Bowler Bounty Program

The fun doesn’t stop Wednesday nights for League Bowlers!! Check out the promotions that are currently being offered by Splitsville for members of the GHBL!!



*Seasonal “League Player’s Card” – 20 Free Games (used anytime, except Fri/Sat night)

*10% Discount on any Group Package

*10% Discount on any Pro Shop Services

*10% Discount on all food (not including specials or other discounts)

*20 FREE game tokens given to each smash card holder accompanied with contact information

*$3.00 per game rate during open play (present League Player’s Card)

*FREE House Championship Tournament

*Discount on year end wind-up parties and banquets



*$20 incentive paid to any existing league member who recruits a new league bowler, incentive paid after 3 months after sign up as long as new league bowler is still in the league!

*New and Old league bowlers will have the opportunity to attend FREE bowling clinics where FREE game passes will be offered after graduation!!! 🙂


50/50 Draw and Strike Pot! (Only on Wednesday League Nights)

We will be continuing on this year with our weekly 50/50 Draw; however, this year we are adding a little something something to sweeten the deal!  You now have TWO, that’s right, TWO chances to win when you purchase tickets for the 50/50 Draw!  The first draw that will be held is for the original 50/50 draw.  The bonus draw will be for the chance to win the STRIKE POT.  Every week, the strike pot builds $10 at a time.  If you are the lucky person to have their ticket drawn, you walk over to a lane (with everyone watching you of course) and get ONE chance to bowl a strike! If you bowl a strike, YOU WIN THE STRIKE POT! If you miss the strike, the $10 carries over to the next week and the pot gets bigger!  How FUN IS THAT??


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