Code of Conduct

What is a Code of Conduct?

A COC clearly and concisely describes the behavioral expectations of team / league members during GHBL events / activities / business.

Why a Code of Conduct?

A COC helps unite all league members by providing a set of expectations that we can all follow, by using the same principles and standards. It helps create a healthy and enjoyable league environment for everyone.

To Whom does this COC Apply?

The COC applies to all GHBL members and guests (League members, Executive, Pacers and Visitors)

(Note: League members are responsible to ensure their visitor/family members are aware of and comply with the COC while at the bowling facility during GHBL league events/activities)


Builds on the values of RESPECT (see below). Respect is something that we all deserve. Regardless of our role or position, each of us needs to take ownership and accountability for our behaviour in the league environment.

The GHBL Code of Conduct



Accountability for own actions and outcomes


Demonstrating civility by being polite and considerate


Fostering an environment that recognizes the various needs of individuals


Demonstrating a positive approach to team morale and providing potential solutions to issues


Demonstrating behavior that fosters an encouraging and developmental culture


Giving direction and providing constructive feedback, using clear and concise language and appropriate methods: remembering our body language and tone


Treating all individuals as valuable members of the league