Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is 18 yrs or over and either a LGBT or a friend of/to the LGBT community! We are a very welcoming and accepting group. We understand it is not always easy to meet new friends and GHBL is a great way to do just that.

Absolutely not! Fun is the primary goal of this league. However, there is a handicapped system of scoring so that all levels can be equally competitive. At the beginning of the season you will develop an average. A handicap will be determined from that and added to your team score every game. This keeps all bowlers on an even level and allows beginners to play with seasoned players, and still contribute strongly to their team.

No, not at all. You and friends certainly can enter a full team, but if you are single (or with a friend) and wish to join, you will be placed on a team. The bowlers are all welcoming and friendly!

There are a few ways absences are handled. Please note: You are required to pay league fees even if you are absent. It is also best to pay for absent nights in advance. 


If you know a week or more in advance that you be absent, you can have your scores that evening also apply to the date you will be away. Ask for a Boll-Off sheet from the front desk, fill it out with your scores that evening and hand it in with your scoresheet. 


Also for upcoming known absences, you can bowl ahead of the date you will be away. Call Splitsville prior to coming in to ensure there are lanes open for you. When you arrive to bowl, ask for a Bowl-Off sheet at the front desk. Fill out your scores as you bowl. When done, submit your scores to the front desk. It’s a good idea to take a photo of your Bowl-Off sheet and send to you team captain. 


Let your Team Captain know of absences /roll-offs/ bowl-offs. If you are absent without a roll/bowl off, your scores that night will be your average minus 10. 

No. The bowling centre offers ten-pin house balls of various weights for your use at no charge. And you can rent shoes at the center for a fee. Of course you have the option to buy your own ball and/or shoes if or when you like.

Yes! GHBL has found that some people could not commit to a Sept ‘til May schedule, so it has been divided into two separate seasons. You are welcome to bowl in one season or the other OR hopefully BOTH seasons! If you can only come out a few times a season due to your schedule, it is possible to bowl as a PACER at $25 for the evening.

No, not at all. The first night of each season people are welcome to give it a try. During that night, those who are signed up for the league are developing an average, and those who are new can decide if they want to join the bowling league. Please come out and give it a go. We are certain you will have fun and meet some great people!

GHBL is always looking for new bowlers. New members make new friends and more fun!

You can contact us here

Drop us a line and have any questions answered. Hope to see you out for this season! Don’t forget to add your email to the mailing list on this website and we’ll keep you up-to-date with the happenings and exciting activities that we do every year.