Bowling News for November 23rd

Hello Bowlers,
A few things to discuss this week.
First off a congratulations to Joel E.
GHBL’s Joel E had one heck of a weekend at the IGBO (International Gay Bowling Organization) Midyear Tournament this year held in Rochester NY. Joel brought home first place in the Single competition and anchored our team along with Mike C, John T and Bill H to an All Events Championship.
Joel finished 80 pins over all other competitors in Singles bowling 215, 242 and 166 over the three games adding up to 866 with Handicap. Some of the best Gay bowlers in the U.S. finished well behind him due to handicap scoring.
Joel and John also placed in Doubles, as did Mike and Bill.
We congratulate Joel on behalf off of GHBL. I hope more people take part in tournaments. All can have a good time in Singles, Doubles and Team competitions.
And you certainly don’t have to win to have fun. We’ll let you know as tournaments are announced in future.
Second, a reminder that our Christmas party will be on December 9th at 8pm at the Werx. All those who have informed us they will be attending and have not yet paid their $5 please see Shevon this week. It is also the final week to sign up so be sure to let us know if you’re coming. (Rob P, I got your note on your bowl-off and I’ve signed you and Will up to attend).
Third on the list is a reminder to subscribe to the newsletter via our new website at So far only 8 people have signed up. Congrats to Ben M for being the first to subscribe!
And last, it’s that time of month again… THEME NIGHT! Next week, November 30th, will be our 2nd theme night. As the weather is getting colder we’re starting to bundle up with warmer clothes, so, in honour of the great Canadian climate, our theme will be cheesy sweaters. We’ve all had a sweater with a duck or a deer or even a cheesy holiday sweater that a relative has knitted for us at one time or another. Dig into your closets and pull them out, moth balls and all, and wear them proudly for all to see!
Looking forward to seeing you all this week (15 minutes early, of course!)
Your GHBL Executive

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