Christmas Party and all that JAZZ!

Hello fabulous, festive, bowling buddies,

Tis the season for spirited celebration and celebrations with spirits (and we don’t mean Ouija boards, but if that’s your thing don’t let us stop you).

This Friday, December 9th, at 8PM is our much anticipated GHBL Christmas party and I wanted to go over a few things.

First, please plan ahead for transportation if you plan on drinking. Plan to share a cab, get a DD or even wear some nice walking boots if you live close by. We’d like everyone to have a memorable time and we want it remembered for it being a good time, not for troubles on the way home.

Second, think about if your team would like to join in the gift exchange game. The limit for the gift is $20 per team. We know that’s not a lot these days but the holidays do find people’s bank accounts under the weather and this is just a fun game. That being said, you can be as creative as you want in your gifting (yes, that’s a challenge) and it’s sure to be fun. If your team wants to participate all you have to do is bring your gift to the party. If your team opts out then they can watch all the fun from the sidelines. Please make sure your gift is wrapped.

In other news, since our last theme night went SO well I’m posting the next one early AND I will remind you all closer to the date about it so I’m not the only one wearing a too small, fuscia, angry puppy sweater, and so Brian can re-attach his balls to a new outfit. It will be December 21st.

This month’s theme night will be a Christmas Carol Theme. Dress as your favourite carol, or character from a carol, or do with that theme idea what you will. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be awarded. This is also our team competition night where the first and second place teams square off against each other and so on down the line so be cautious about wearing something that you won’t blame for your loss, should you lose a game or three.

And last, but certainly not least, last year we did a canned food drive for Christmas and would like to continue to do that again this year. For the month of December if you feel generous you can bring some non-perishable food donations and we will make sure it gets to people who need it.

That is all, my lovelies!

See your shining faces tonight for another fun bowling adventure!

Your GHBL Executive

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