February 15, 2012 – Get Your Heart On

Hello Bowlers,
Well here we are just a day away from Valentine’s Day. We want to celebrate this week with a theme night, GET YOUR HEART ON.

This week please get dressed up in all your Red and White, and come dressed with your Heart On. Find what ever you can that has Hearts on it. Something fun, wild, crazy, what ever you want.

Have fun with our theme night but please remember other leagues are bowling and please dress safely as we do not want any costumes that could hinder your bowling and cause injury. It is a fun night but please be safe. =)

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Hamilton Invitational No-tap Tournament (H. I. N. T.)
Hamilton Invitational No-tap Tournament

FAQ’s and Entry forms can be printed online.

Check the website for full details – www.ghbowling.ca (look for HINT in the menu bar)

There are also other tournaments listed for Toronto, Rochester, and KW. More will be added as soon as we get the information. These tournaments are a lot of fun so if you can make you will not be disappointed. Please help spread the word about the tournament, the more the merrier and it’s always fun bowling with a big group of friends. Have fun, Share a Laugh, Bowl.

This week in the GHBL the bowling match ups are

Bowl Jobsvs.Ohh Yeah
Flaming Moesvs.The 4 Skins
Hairy Balls of Furyvs.Dirty Gutters
Meat Loversvs.Sux 2B U
Hammer Boysvs.Bulldogs
Ball Crushersvs.Testosteroneys

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