What if I can’t make every week?

There are a few ways absences are handled. Please note: You are required to pay league fees even if you are absent. It is also best to pay for absent nights in advance. 


If you know a week or more in advance that you be absent, you can have your scores that evening also apply to the date you will be away. Ask for a Boll-Off sheet from the front desk, fill it out with your scores that evening and hand it in with your scoresheet. 


Also for upcoming known absences, you can bowl ahead of the date you will be away. Call Splitsville prior to coming in to ensure there are lanes open for you. When you arrive to bowl, ask for a Bowl-Off sheet at the front desk. Fill out your scores as you bowl. When done, submit your scores to the front desk. It’s a good idea to take a photo of your Bowl-Off sheet and send to you team captain. 


Let your Team Captain know of absences /roll-offs/ bowl-offs. If you are absent without a roll/bowl off, your scores that night will be your average minus 10. 

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